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An Approach to Quality Management in an Academic Setting, Catha, C, Marques, C, Gaudreau, S. ACRP 2014 Global Conference & Exhibition, 2014 April
Created Date:  3/25/2015 1:53 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Do N-of-1 Trials Need IRB Review? Journal of Empirical Ressearch on Human Research Ethics 2016, Vol. 11 Ruiqi, C, Hassain, A, Pak, K, Mitchell, G, Nikles, J, Gaudreau, S, Bazzano, L, Breault, JL
Created Date:  3/25/2015 3:15 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Does waiver of written informed consent form the institutional review board affect response rate in a low risk research study? Krousel-Wood M, Muntner P, Jannu A, Hyre A, Breault J. J Investig Med. 2006 May;54(4):174-9
Created Date:  3/25/2015 1:28 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Ethics of Chart Review Research Breault JL. Ochsner J. 2013 Winter;13(4):
Created Date:  3/25/2015 2:16 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
IRB Education Using Edward Tufte's Insights. Poster Presentation at AAHRPP Annual Meeting April 2014 Breault, JL, Bazzano, L, Gaudreau, S
Created Date:  3/25/2015 3:44 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
IRB Practicum Guidelines
Created Date:  3/25/2015 3:09 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
IRB Re-Engineering at Ochsner. Breault JL Ochsner Journal 2002 Summer
Created Date:  3/25/2015 1:32 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Physician Relationships with Industry, Breault JL, Ochsner J. 2015 Fall
Created Date:  12/21/2015 2:38 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Protecting Human Research Subjects: The Past Defines the Future. Breault JL. Ochsner J. 2006 Spring;6(1):
Created Date:  3/25/2015 2:13 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Quality Assurance: When is it also research? Poster presentation at 18th Annual Meeting of the Applied Research Ethics National Association, December 5-7, 20013, Washington, DC, Breault JL
Created Date:  3/25/2015 2:26 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Race and Willingness to Participate in Cardiovascular Research 2014-1 Ochsner/Tulane IRB Practicum, Zhang, X, Gavin, S, Breault JL, Gaudreau, S 2014 May
Created Date:  3/25/2015 1:44 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)
Research Consent Form Readability 2015-1 Ochsner/Tulane IRB Practicum, Munley, B, Breault, J, Gaudreau, S 2015 August
Created Date:  8/12/2015 4:21 PM
Type: PDF (.pdf file)